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Greeting, dear user!
To make downloading easier and faster i've created special button, which you should to move in bookmarks panel in your browser.
Now you need only to open page with content which you want to download and click this button and.. you'll get the links!VT-Download
Old way (copy-paste url) still work well and fine.

Button ONLY for FireFox 25+ VT-Download
Differs: Firefox version 25, 26,27 and 28 didn't allow to use external JS by HTTPS protocol. It's why new button for FF using HTTP.
Limits for FF 25+: Because of button using HTTP you not will be able to download media connent which need this button if site using HTTPS protocol (url have HTTPS:// ).. .
In this case we can say "Thank you Mozilla :facepalm:" or we can use another webbrowser to download media content.


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Notice: This webserver DO NOT STORE videos or any mediacontent! We only creating "direct download link" from origin website. Links and all incoming data we receiving from users. No porn on our servers! :)




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