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Tools and Features for web developpers!

  1. HTTP file redirects, code 302: - this one will redirect you to the file "vs_logo.png" on the server "" (like direct link link
    This method only for HTTP protocol (not HTPPS!).
    With this method your browser SEND refferer link.
  2. Crossdomain.xml for all media files:

    Before playing video from in your SWF player flash requesting crossdomain.xml from
    If no file or fond valid file with NO limits - you'll see video. If fond file with forbidden rules - no video.
    But if you'll post link in flashvars like "", your SWF player will request crossdomain.xml from, instead from returns this code:
    <?xml version="1.0"?>
    <!DOCTYPE cross-domain-policy SYSTEM "">
    		<site-control permitted-cross-domain-policies="all"/>
    		<allow-access-from domain="*"/>

    This crossdomain allows to you to play video from*** on your website.
    After when your player will ask "", he'll get "302 Moved Temporarily" to "" and NO requests crossdomain.xml anymore:)

  1. Redirects to ANY protocols and hiding HTTP REFERER:

    --> - this one will redirect you to the file "vs_logo.png" on the server "" (like direct link link
    --> - this one will redirect you to the file "" on the server "".
    --> - this one will redirect you to the file "Aurora Borealis over Canada" on the FTP server "".
    --> - Refferer check. How you can see, there is NO information about refferer page.

    How it works:
    Link "" gives to us simple html page. Read code below.
    This page has 2 ways how to redirect user and 1 manually way. Redirects processing momentally.
      <script type="text/javascript">
       <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; url=">
      <a href="">click here to redirect to</a>.
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Notice: This webserver DO NOT STORE videos or any mediacontent! We only creating "direct download link" from origin website. Links and all incoming data we receiving from users. No porn on our servers! :)




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