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✪NEW Added support for videos from!,!,,, Fixed bug with in changelog! 2015/05/20 NEW✪

upd: little boooring to keep this page up to date, so check changelog, our twitter and FB for news!

There is what users want and what we can/want realize. Based on requests and reports:

[2013-05-13]		[before 2013-05-2024, will be rtmp link for rtmpdump programm!]
[2013-05-08]		[before 2013-05-1624]
[2013-05-13]		[before 2013-05-2024]
[2013-05-13]		[later.. little later:)]
[2013-05-14]		[before 2013-05-2124]
[2013-05-14]		[before 2013-05-2124]
[2013-05-08]		[later, reason: aes256]
[-canceled-]		[simple catalog, no own content, only links]
[-canceled-]	[no own content, all from and shitty interface]
[-canceled-]		[simple catalog, no own content]
[-canceled-]	[simple catalog, poor own content]

[2013-05-11]	create new "3 in 1" JS button/bookmark (vk+u2b+twitch)	[before 2013-06 :)]

[2013-05-08] - date, when task created.
[on testing] - already added/fixed on test server. Need to be moved on main server only.
[before 2013-05-16] - will be added/fixed before current date.
[later, reason: reason_text] - no date when will be added/fixed, because of some reasons (reason_text).
[-canceled-] - not will be added/fixed because of reasons [reason text]

P.S> it's not a changelog! When something adding/fixing, it's going out of this page into changelog.

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